Sex Positions To Conceive Baby Boy


Sex Positions - Conceive Boy

Sex positions to conceive baby boy can be found in images and videos. However, the fact is that if you are trying to conceive a boy (or a girl), you will probably want to do more than just practice certain sex positions. Other things to try include: diet (alkaline), certain time of the month, and more. One of the easiest ways to piece everything together is by obtaining a comprehensive book on how to conceive a boy (such as the book by Ashley Spencer that is available on Amazon).

Talking about the diet, the regular suggestion is: to conceive a boy, the diet needs to be more alkaline. For example, the diet may include apple cider vinegar. Even though some people think that acv is acidic, it’s actually an alkaline forming food. Other dietary additions may include: baking soda, nuts, cough syrup, bananas, egg whites, evening primrose oil, green tea, and some others. The diet can be changed for both partners or just the mother.

Next thing is the timing. Many people believe that chances to conceive a baby boy are best at certain times of the month, and there are special calculators and calendars available to help couples conceive a boy. There are two explanations for this: astrological and biological. Talking about astrology, some people use Chinese lunar calendar for this. Talking about biology, there is a theory that the gender of the baby is influenced by whether the woman gets pregnant before or after ovulation.

There are other methods and sciences used to choose the gender of the baby, including: ayurveda, hindu mythology and science, herbal medicine, douching, and others. To find out more, including sex positions to conceive baby boy, consider obtaining a book or visit a dedicated forum online. Note that the advice is not a guarantee that you will conceive a boy. It may still be a girl, twins, etc.